Oilfeld chemicals OEM and blending services

Water treatment chemicals OEM and blending services

Emulsion polymerization products - water soluble and oil soluble

Nano particles slurry and emulsion products


Fann lubricity tester

Fann mud viscometer

Fann roller oven

Fann HPHT and atmospheric fluid loss meter

Fann electrical stability tester

pH meters

Brookfield viscosity meter

SETA closed cup flash point tester

Pycnometer and hygrometer

ASTM corrosion cell with potentiostat and software

Mud balance

Solid pycnometer

Retort kit

Hamilton beach mixer

Silverson mixer

Robinson centrifuge

Gardner colour comparator


Gas pycnometer


Facilities : 45,000 ft2 covered factory space for chemical reaction, blending and warehousing near Port Klang, Malaysia

Emulsion Polymerization : 1 MT reaction vessel with auxiliaries

Blending : 1 unit 25 MT stainless steel vessel, 1 unit 12 MT stainless steel vessel with explosion proof mixer ad 2 units of 12 MT stainless steel reaction vessel equipped with heating and cooling jacket

1 MT Dry powder blending unit

Laboratory: 2,000 ft2 fully equipped drilling mud, acidizing, preproduction, quality assurance and application testing laboratory

Zero discharge system

ISO 9001:2015 certifed by SGS

ISO14001:2015 by CU