In-House Products Line

Acidizing Chemicals

Mud acid replacement

Emulsified self diverting acid system

Viscoelastic self diverting acid system for temperatures up to 350 °F

pH sensitive self diverting acid system

Acid corrosion inhibitor

Corrosion inhibitor intensifier

Iron control agent

Iron chelating agent

Viscoelastic surfactant

Amphoteric surfactant

Mutual solvent


Hydrogen sulphide scavenger

Barium sulphate descaler

Enzymatic breaker


Acid Emulsifier

Friction reducer

Anti - sludging agent

Water diverter

Drilling Mud Additives

Formulated primary emulsifier

Formulated secondary emulsifier

Formulated oil wetting agent

Rheology modifier

OBM viscosifier

HPHT fluid loss control agent (>450 °F )

OBM drilling detergent

Biodegradable WBM lubricant

Amine-based corrosion inhibitor

Mud cake remover

Pipe release agent

PHPA - powder and liquid

PHPA thinner

Cellulose-based LCM

Production Chemicals

Crude specific demulsifier and sludge breaker formulation

Crude specific PPD and wax inhibitor formulations

Deoiler / Reverse Demulsifier

Paraffin dispersant

Water dispersible corrosion inhibitor

Oil soluble water dispersible corrosion inhibitor

Wet gas corrosion inhibitor

Oil soluble corrosion inhibitor

Carbonate scale inhibitor

Barium and strontium scale inhibitor


Kinetic hydrate inhibitor (KHI / LDHI)

Hydrogen sulfde scavenger

Pipeline degreaser

Pipeline preservation cocktail and tracer dye

Water food treatment chemicals

Asphaltene point depressant

Alkaline descaler for carbonate, sulfate and barium sulfate scales

Maintenance Chemicals

Non Acid Descaler

Mercury and hydrocarbon decontamination

H2S and pyrophoric iron remover

Wastewater Treatment

Custom blended coagulants and flocculants

Organic adsorption media – ACM OPC 200 series

Inorganic adsorption media – ACM OPC 200XZ series

Drinking water grade adsorption media – ACM OPC 200Z, ACM OPC 200XZ, ACM OPC 200 XZB

Metal precipitant


Semiconductor and Chemicals

Among the products that we supply (SEMI Grade 1 and Grade 2 chemicals) are:

Hydrofluoric acid 49%

Nitric acid

Hydrochloric acid

Phosphoric acid

Diluted HF solutions 300:1

Isopropyl alcohol


Hydrogen peroxide

Ammonium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide

Hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS)

General Trading

Anti-static Agent


Specialty Sovent

Inorganic and Organic Chemical