Industries We Serve

Oil and gas exploration and production

Specialty drilling mud additives for SOBM and WBM

Wellbore clean up surfactant and mud cake remover

Production and integrity chemicals

Viscoeleastic surfactant diverted acid system

Chelate based stimulation chemicals to replace HCL and mud acid

Nano emulsion surfactants for formation damage treatment

Gas foamers

Water diverters

Oil refining and petrochemicals

Process system decontamination chemicals

Non-hazardous and non-polluting descaling and degreasing chemicals

Mobile effluent treatment and water reuse system and services

Sludge dewatering and disposal minimization

Phenol and cyanide treatment

Soil remediation

Water treatment

Custom blended coagulants and flocculants

Bacteria cultures and enzymes

Mobile sludge dewatering services


Chemicals processes and reagents for recovery of gold from refractory ores

Manufacturing services

Oilfield chemicals OEM and blending services

Water treatment chemicals OEM and blending services

Emulsion polymerization products – water soluble and oil soluble

Nano particles slurry and emulsion products