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Case Study 03

2. CMU 4


An industrial plant is looking for an alternative for water supply to support their current raw water demand. The water from parshall flume is planned to be recycled back as potable water, to cater the water supply issue as industries typically use up water in a large amount, making their system process very costly. Any disruption in water supply will affect the system for the industries, hence, ensuring a security for water supply is crucial for the system, and beneficial in terms of operation cost. 


• Coagulation

• Flocculation

• Physical Filtration

• Adsorption Processes


• Winfloc 610:

cationically-charged water soluble polyamine used to aid water clarification

• ACM OPC 200XZ:

impregnated natural mineral with high ion exchange and adsorption molecular sieving capacity, characterised by an open three-dimensional honeycomb structure, that specializes in removing dissolved cationic matters with affinity towards ammoniacal nitrogen


chemically-impregnated carbon granules to enhance selectivity of specific contaminants such as nitrate and phosphate

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