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Case Study 06

2. CMU 9


A modacrylic fibres producer in Kuantan was required to ensure that their discharge effluent complies to Malaysian Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulations Standard B. The major concerns of the producer are the high value of COD (38,000ppm) and TTS value of 8,670ppm of the effluent as to comply Standard B limit of COD (200ppm) and also TSS (100ppm). For their existing practice to treat this effluent, a combustion unit was being utilized to incinerate any contaminants present in the water. However, the upset of their combustion unit resulted in the accumulation of effluent in the iso tank, which eventually occupied the client’s premises. Normally, off-spec effluent that cannot be handled or treated on site by the process plant owner must be disposed as scheduled waste. This practice of handling the scheduled waste annually incurs a big cost to the processing plant owner. Acme has therefore come up with a customizable yet specific mobile unit treatment setup to treat the targeted off-spec effluent, which is a more practical and economically-viable solution. The concept of this provided solution is “plug and play” approach, where it does not require any major adjustments to the existing treatment plant in order to implement the mobile solution.


• Chemical Treatment

• Coagulation

• Flocculation

• Physical Separation

• Adsorption Processes


• ACM ABE 321:

powdered activated organoclay for the removal of very high organic content in water body

• ACM CAT A-100:

catalyst promoting surfactant precipitation in industrial water

• Winfloc 883:

alternative to inorganic coagulant for wide pH range water system with minimal sludge generation

• Winfloc 1001:

dry cationic polyacrylamide flocculant with very high molecular weight use in water clarification of industrial wastewater

• ACM OPC 200:

proprietary granular chemically-modified clay 


chemically-impregnated carbon granules to enhance selectivity of specific contaminants such as nitrate and phosphate

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