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Acme develops and innovates our own in-house product line to eliminate various problems and issues

ACME Clay Series_edited.png

Our technology uses adsorption process performed by a series of Organophilic clay media.

Origin of our technology is from the concept of oil-based mud drilling (mineral + chemical mixture).

Chemically-modified natural clays that are able to adsorb NAPL to 80% of its original weight.

Removal specialty:

- Hydrocarbon

- Oil and Grease

- COD and BOD

- Heavy Metals

- Surfactants

- Mercury

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ACME Mineral Series_edited.png

Chemically-modified mineral, intended for cost-effective removal or Inorganic contaminants.

Can be customized for the removal of:

- Ammonia


- Water Hardness

- Fluoride

- Boron

- Iron

- Copper

- Other Heavy Metals

- Sulphate

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Carbon-based Granules


Effective removal of large organic molecules.

Specific enhanced affinity towards nitrate and colour removal.

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