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2. GAM 2

Granular Adsorption Media

The water treatment process relies heavily on our patented in-house developed adsorption media technology, where natural clays and mineral granules are custom-impregnated with various chemicals for effective adsorption of specific impurities or contaminants.

Compact Modular Unit

Acme CMU is a prefabricated portable water-treatment module, where either specific or comprehensive water treatment processes are simplified in a small footprint with easy deployment and scalable installation. The CMU comprises of small volume dewatering unit, flocculation, coagulation, physical filtration, as well as Acme's in-house granular adsorption media (GAM) for a compact and complete treatment system.

2. CMU 2
3. Dewatering 2


Our dewatering unit is a solution for those who are having sudden spike in solid production. This compact unit can cater high volume of wastewater for the removal of solids. 

Chemical Treatment

The usage of chemical is a big part of wastewater treatment plant. With our 40m3 mixing tank, process such as powder dosing, influent homogenization as well as chemical treatment is possible at the smallest footprint.  

4. Chem Treatment 1
5. Decanter 1


Acme's portable decanter unit is a great option for temporary projects in the separation of oil, water and solid through high centrifugal force. 

Heating and Mixing Tank

Certain chemical treatment require a reaction where heating is involved. Our reaction tank is a 20m3 SS304 unit which can heat up solutions up to 70C. 

6. Heating and Mixing Tank 2
7. Chem Injection 3

Chemical Injection

With our compact and continuous solution, we have designed rapid mixing tube flocculator which is inline with the proposed flowrate of the treatment. Chemical injection for our coagulant, flocculant and pH adjustment can be catered at a continuous rate with low to no power requirement. 

Offshore Works

Acme also sends out compact water treatment unit to offshore. We can cater requirements such as explosion proof, DNV frames and other regulations at customer's request. 

8. Offshore 1
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