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1. Modular BNR Unit 2

Modular Bio-nutrient Removal Unit

Acme's polishing unit is for the final stage of an existing treatment plant. This unit is commonly used for the compliance of ammonia, phosphate and nitrate. Municipal facilities are sometimes segregated in zones, thus, to reduce cost and time in fabrication and installation, a modular unit would be a versatile solution.

Large-scale Bio-nutrient Removal

For larger cities, a centralized municipal facility is commonly designed to treat the sewage, resulting in a large volume of water to be treated. Acme's largescale BNR Unit is able to cater to the large volume, typically used for the compliance of bio-nutrients such as ammonia, phosphate and nitrate.

2. Largescale BNR 1
3. Leachate Treatment Plant 1

Leachate Treatment Plant

It is common that leachate treatment plants would have sudden shutdowns, either from spikes of volume (example, from heavy rain), or spikes in scum. Acme is able to provide a treatment system to solve these issues that require a solution within a short period of time.

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