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Case Study 04

2. Largescale BNR 1


A municipal sewage treatment plant in Manila, Philippines require a quick and easy solution to polish their plant's treated effluent for bionutrient removal, in order to meet the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources Administrative Order (DAO) standard. Their existing sewage treatment plant was regularly facing plant upsets, resulting in unusual inconsistency in parameters of bio-nutrients to be removed from their treated sewage, namely, ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrate and phosphate. An upgrade to the existing plant system would be costly for any municipal sewage treatment plant, despite the plant's failure in treating their influent up to the effluent discharge standard imposed by the DoE. Due to the strict regulations imposed, the sewage treatment plant requires a quick-fix as an additional system to polish their effluent up to the discharge standard.


• Coagulation

• Physical Filtration

• Adsorption Processes



chemically-impregnated carbon granules to enhance selectivity of specific contaminants such as nitrate and phosphate

• ACM OPC 200XZ:

impregnated natural mineral with high ion exchange and adsorption molecular sieving capacity, characterised by an open three-dimensional honeycomb structure, that specializes in removing dissolved cationic matters with affinity towards ammoniacal nitrogen

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